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Geotextiles according to different processing methods have different types

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Geotextiles according to different processing methods have different types

Release date:2017-08-09 Author:Jiangsu Yong Yu Auto Parts Co. Click:

At present, the rapid development of the production and application of geotextile geotextile geotextile manufacturers a lot of research, but there are relatively few studies on geotextile aging performance. Geotextiles as an engineering material, the aging performance indicators directly affect the life, safety and reliability of the project. Therefore, the study of geotextile aging performance has a high economic significance and strategic significance. ASTM defines geotextiles as everything: textiles used in conjunction with foundations, soils, rocks, earth, or any other civil material and as part of man-made engineering or systems. Geotextiles and the foundation, soil, rock, soil or other building materials used together, the use of geotextile on the soil from the consolidation, protection, drainage, filtration, isolation, seepage and so on. Geotextile has now been with cement, steel, wood together as the "four major building materials."

Geotextiles according to different processing methods can be divided into woven geotextiles, knitted geotextiles and non-woven geotextiles. Woven geotextile currently used are more filament woven machine and flat woven machine, polypropylene-based materials. Warp knitted composite geotextile is glass fiber (or other synthetic fibers) as a reinforcing material, through the staple acupuncture non-woven geotextile composite. Non-woven geotextile mainly short staple acupuncture geotextile and filament spun clay fabric, the main raw material of synthetic fiber is selected polyester, polypropylene, nylon, etc., which mainly uses polyester and polypropylene.

Whether knitted geotextiles, woven geotextile or non-woven geotextile, in the process of processing, storage and use, vulnerable to internal and external factors, the performance of its gradual deterioration, resulting in the loss of value of the phenomenon, said For aging. This is a common problem of geotextiles, the essence of which is the molecular chain fracture in the polymer structure, chemical structure changes, macroscopical performance of the geotextile strength decline and the destruction of the macrostructure is an irreversible change.

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