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Impervious geotextile has good elasticity and plasticity

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Impervious geotextile has good elasticity and plasticity

Release date:2017-08-06 Author:Jiangsu Yong Yu Auto Parts Co. Click:

Impervious geotextile with the project to make a more solid effect, in a sense impermeable geotextile used in water conservancy projects can reduce the impact of natural disasters on the project.

Impervious geotextile is made of polymer and asphalt impervious film, the traditional anti-seepage Geotextile polyethylene PE, PVC PVC, asphalt glass cloth linoleum and so on. Practice shows that as long as impermeable geotextile seams handle well, the construction quality is guaranteed, the membrane impermeable channels can generally reduce the leakage loss of 90% to 95% This shows that the use of impermeable geomembrane water conservancy project will not make the foundation Was too much erosion.

Impervious geotextile ability to adapt to deformation. It has good elasticity and plasticity. Due to the strong ability of anti-seepage geotextile to resist strain, it has strong adaptability to deformation caused by temperature changes, frost heave and uneven foundation settlement. This is a guarantee for the stability of the project. Especially in the northern frost heave deformation larger areas, the effect is ideal. Strong corrosion resistance. Impervious geotextiles with good resistance to bacterial damage and chemical properties of the performance, generally free from acid, alkali and microbial erosion, especially for aggressive hydrogeological conditions and salinization areas. As the saying goes: thousands of miles of the bank was destroyed in the nest. The use of anti-seepage geotextile technology in today's advanced technology has also effectively changed this phenomenon.

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